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This practice is 20 minute group meditation for those who have been trained by a certified Transcendental Meditation® teacher and enjoy meditating with others.  The Transcendental Meditation® technique is an effortless technique for automatic self-transcending. It allows your mind to settle inward beyond thought to experience the source of thought — pure awareness. This is the most silent and peaceful level of consciousness — your innermost Self. To learn more about the effortless technique of Transcendental Meditation and its benefits, please visit www.tm.org.  Join our newsletter to receive announcements of upcoming Transcendental Meditation trainings in Lubbock.

“I have been practicing TM meditation for the last five years, two times a day for twenty minutes, every day. My whole being has settled down.  My mind is clearer and my body more rested than any time before I began. My happiness is more and my fears are less. I don’t have to believe anything, change my lifestyle, quit my bad habits, or make any other changes, other than just to meditate. My life has become much more orderly, efficient and productive.  It all just happened naturally as a result of the meditation. It’s amazing and a true gift.”

– Ted Kingsbery, Lubbock

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi(1918-2008) was a dedicated disciple of Swami Brahmananda Saraswati. In 1955, Maharishi began to introduce Transcendental Meditation to the world. Maharishi was, and the Transcendental Meditation organization continues to be, dedicated to scientifically documenting the profound effects of meditation. Neuroscientists Ronald Jevning and James O’Halloran wrote in 1984, in Deane H. Shapiro’s book Meditation: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives, that “The proposal of the existence of a unique or fourth state of consciousness with a basis in physiology” by the Maharishi in 1968 “has been a major contribution to the study of human behavior. It has resulted in a myriad of scientific studies both basic and applied in an area heretofore reserved for ‘mysticism’.”  Newsweek, in a article printed in 2008, credited the Maharishi with helping to launch “a legitimate new field of neuroscience.” As the practice of meditation is gaining rapid support from expert research in the medical community, TM practice groups are emerging all over the world.

“Through Transcendental Meditation, the human brain can experience that level of intelligence which is an ocean of all knowledge, energy, intelligence, and bliss.” —Maharishi