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Neetu believes in the purposefulness of the anxiety and conflict that we experience as human beings. Whether it is psychological or emotional pain, or conflict in the context of relationships (parenting, marital or friendship) it is almost always a call for increased growth and learning on our part. To that end, much like the other Wellness practitioners at HWY 108, Neetu uses a bio-psycho-social-emotional approach in her work with her clients. Her goal as a psychotherapist is not simply to provide symptom-relief, but to help clients also find internal and external resources to generate their own process of healing and growth.

To fit the unique needs of her clients, Neetu uses traditional or contemporary methods. She specializes in clinical hypnosis and mindfulness-based therapies. She teaches her clients to effectively “choose to respond” rather than “automatically react” to their inner turmoil, thoughts, emotions or ultimately to their significant others.  A growing body of research (often using neuro-imaging techniques) suggests that mindfulness and meditation offer improvement in several biomarkers such as emotion and attention regulation, immune function, chronic pain, improved outcomes in breast cancer recovery, anxiety and depression and improved sleep, to list a few. On a personal note, she maintains her practice in mindfulness meditation and continues to educate herself in the contemporary mind-body methods.

Neetu is a clinical member of American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) and an associate member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH).


Neetu has worked with a diverse client-base and with a broad range of issues that clients present for therapy with her. Her clients have included new mothers struggling with post-partum challenges, individuals coping with a mental illness (e.g., diagnoses of bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder or major depression), couples struggling with high levels of conflict and feeling unable to communicate and find joy in their relationships, professionals looking for opportunities of growth and creativity in their lives, spouses/parents struggling with codependency in the context of an addict or alcoholic in their life, and middle-aged (or post-career) individuals wondering how to redefine their lives and marriages.

  • Anxiety and Stress-management
  • Adjustment and Mood Disorders
  • Pregnancy, Post-partum and parenting challenges (Self-care as a parent)
  • Conflict and communication difficulties for couples
  • Women’s issues
  • Family and Work balance
  • Codependency and relationships
  • Anger management
  • Recovery from Trauma
  • Career-related and professional challenges
  • Immigrant families and cultural integration
  • Recovery from alcohol/substance addiction
  • Personal and Spiritual growth
  • Other Life Transitions (Loss of a significant relationship, Birth of a child, etc)


At this time, Dr. Neetu Arora Smith is considered an out-of-network provider for insurance companies. This allows her and her clients to have the ability to determine the nature of treatment without compromising the level of client confidentiality or feeling that the course of therapy is governed by “what the insurance will cover or not”. However, many of the services she provides are reimbursable by major insurance companies. Therefore, for clients that choose to submit claims directly to their insurance provider an invoice/receipt for therapeutic services can be provided. If you have any questions about that process, you may email or call her and she can provide more information.

  • Fees for hourly sessions: $120/hour
  • *Initial session Fee (90-min): $150.00
  • Couples’ therapy (90-min): $180.00
  • Group therapy or Psycho-education group fees: Ranges from $20-35 per participant


  • Regular appointments are available from 9:00 am – 3.00 pm (Mon-Fri). Evening appointments are available on 2-3 evenings in a given week.
  • To request an appointment or for any other questions, please use the form below to email Dr. Neetu Smith, or call @ 806-470-2776 or 806-589-6474.
  • Please visit website www.honoryourpath.com for more information

Dr. Neetu Arora Smith

Dr. Neetu Arora Smith, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, provides psychotherapy for couples and individuals, and conducts psycho-educational and therapy groups. Her passion for mental health comes from her personal and professional life experiences. Long before she received her formal training and license as an MFT she was drawn to the healing potential of caring relationships. A challenge in her late teens led her to recognize how healing from trauma often occurs in the context of therapeutic relationships, including family and loved ones. Her professional journey began in 1994 when she joined a Bachelor’s program in Psychology and joined a recovery/support group for healing from a traumatic relationship. Her journey continued with the pursuit of a Masters Degree in clinical psychology, leading up to her Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Texas Tech University.

Neetu began her private practice to bring to being what she is most passionate about – “helping people become their own therapists.” Prior to private practice she was the Director of Adult Behavioral Health programs at StarCare (formerly called Lubbock Regional MHMR) for several years, as well as a therapist at the Family Counseling Center and the Texas Tech University Family Therapy Clinic. Neetu’s personal journey is ongoing – educating herself to become a better therapist, woman, parent, partner and ultimately a better human being in all her endeavors.

Neetu has lived in Lubbock since 2000 and hopes to live here for many more years with her partner Collin (an astronomer at heart) to raise her two young daughters, Maya and Sofia. Though she is a native of a big city, New Delhi, she loves Lubbock and is committed to doing her part in making it a better place to live, love and to have a fulfilling family and career for herself and her community. In her personal time, she likes to meditate, read, write, go for a neighborhood bicycle ride, do yoga, enjoy playtime with her daughters and connect with like-minded people.

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