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Arwyn Wellness
Owner: Patricia Jo Kearney, PT, LMT

Jo Kearney has practiced as a physical therapist since 1990, working primarily with patients involving orthopedic and neurological issues. Throughout this career, massage therapy remained a passion, and Jo regularly prescribed massage for her clients, to address both injury rehabilitation as well as the general aches and pains associated with daily life. Now a licensed massage therapist herself, Jo brings to the table almost three decades of experience in body work and assessment. As a massage client, you may benefit from a host of modalities, such as deep tissue massage, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, therapeutic taping, and a host of neuromuscular techniques to release tension and improve circulation. Think outside of the box with Jo: do you have sinus pain? TMJ dysfunction? Headaches? Neck and back pain? A chronic shoulder problem? Stiff joints? Hyper- or hypomobility issues? Chronic tendon dysfunction? Come in for an assessment followed by a stellar bodywork session. The Arwyn office, here at HWY 108, may be the place to begin the nurturing journey to feeling good.

Jo sees clients at Arwyn Wellness on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. To make an appointment, call or text Jo at 575-706-6597. Email: arwenpt@yahoo.com


For the 2018 opening year, Arwyn Wellness will keep the prices affordable. Jo is passionate about your health, so if finances are an obstacle, please contact her and she will work with you on a variety of payment plans or options.

Massage/bodywork prices: $45/60 minutes; $65/90 minutes; $85/120 minutes.

Referral reward program: 30-minute free Reflexology session.

Patricia Jo Kearney, PT, LMT

Jo Kearney is both a massage therapist and a physical therapist. She offers a host of modalities to help you reach your peak physical form and all sessions are specifically tailored for your particular needs. Offering primarily massage, Jo will happily work with you on your general fitness and health goals as well. Her restorative approach to massage will not only address your pain and tension, but will also provide education to help with the healing process on a long term basis.


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