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Manifesting HWY108

By July 31, 2013 Yoga Shala

badge - black 1Well, I’m still in complete awe of everything that is coming together to build Lubbock HWY108: H-olistic W-ellness & Yoga.  In looking back on the last several years of my life, it seems so obvious. Hindsight is 20/20, right?  I guess that cliche is generally used in reference to having made past mistakes…but not here.  Here, hindsight is serving to further strengthen my faith in this whole undertaking: “Well, of course!  ‘It’ had to happen that way so that ‘this’ could happen.  How perfect!”

Without going into the whole long story, which will unfold in its own time, let me fill you in on what is going on in Lubbock, Texas.  We are opening the first Holistic Wellness & Yoga center in town.  For the first time, several holistic modalities are coming together under one roof…or should I say their paths are converging…coming together as a Highway…HWY108 – an “autobahn” to whole health.  And yes, I say the “first” because I’m sure others will follow.  As more and more people begin to recognize and experience the innate healing powers of the mind/body/spirit, there will be more and more of a demand for these services.

As I was developing the business plan for this endeavor, I was asked to identify the “competition” – other yoga studios, gyms, spas, etc. that would be competing for the same clientele.  Hey, I’m a musician.  I’m used to competition.  Alright, let’s do this.  But what I discovered through this busy-ness exercise was not quite what the Small Business Development Center had in mind. I discovered that we’re not in competition, this isn’t a rivalry, this is not a game to win or lose…we are in service.  We (the yoga communities and healing arts centers throughout the city) are all in service…and the clientele base is the World.  We are working together to heal not only individuals, not only Lubbock, not only ourselves…but the whole World.  How incredible is that?

Not long after I’d started playing with the idea of a Holistic Wellness and Yoga Center (I know I’m not the first) through the writing of the business plan…a week or two actually…I received a text message from Cindy Eberle.  Many of you may know Cindy, and if you are in Lubbock and reading this, I’m sure you are missing her.  She now lives in Fredericksburg where she practices massage and other healing arts, but her first massage practice was here in Lubbock.  Her text read, “I want to rent a space from you.”  I was confused.  I didn’t have a space to rent.  Was she talking about the Yoga Shala?  I texted back, “Do you want to use the Shala for massage?”  She texted back, “I want to rent a space in your center.”  Whoa.  Nobody even knew that I was playing with this idea except my husband and my father-in-law (who is the best business advisor in the world).  What did Cindy know that I didn’t?  Hmm.  Was this some sort of message from the universe?  Maybe.

What I learned from my experience at Lubbock Yoga (which closed its doors in September of 2011), was that commercial rent can be detrimental to the survival of a yoga studio (this is why the Yoga Shala is doing so well…no rent, other than my home mortgage).  Commercial space is expensive…and yoga needs a lot of space, space doesn’t generate an income outside of prime yoga times.  How could I create a space that would be financially sustainable, safe, and functional?

The perfect solution slowly presented itself.  Why not create a synergistic environment of wellness modalities, including yoga?  So, I called Cindy.  I let her know that I was considering finding a space that could house several wellness practitioners and a yoga studio. (This was no surprise to her.  She already knew…somehow.)  I learned this idea had been floating around Lubbock for quite a while.  Why it hadn’t yet manifested, I don’t know.  What I did know, is that I would take the steps forward, toward the creation of such an environment, as long as they were clearly presented to me (with some handholding from my husband).  I did not know what the end result would look like or who would ultimately be involved (other than Cindy!).  There are still many unknowns.  I’m just continuing to step where the stones are laid.  I have never felt so perfectly out-of-control.  It’s fantastic!  (Hey…this is a big deal coming from a recovering over-zealous Type-A!)

HWY108 is manifesting itself, I just happen to be one of many that’s serving as a medium for its creation.  On June 19th we will close on the property at 4410 50th.  This is where Dr. Patel housed his medical practice during his healthcare career in Lubbock.  I find it wonderful that the space that will house the new business will continue as a place of healing.  There will be seven wellness offices (currently nutrition/massage/reflexology/life coaching/skin care), a full-spectrum light sauna, retail, a lovely waiting room, and yes, OF COURSE, yoga.  And, the yoga studio will double as a community space…events, workshops, guest teachers, trainings, certifications, dance, music, you name it.

So now, I do have a space to rent to Cindy.  Thank you Cindy, for setting the HWY108 wheels in motion.  I’m looking forward to a ride in that old VW of yours sometime along the road.