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Defining HWY108

By July 31, 2013 Holistic Center

UnknownYour Road to Wellness (a potential “autobahn” experience!)

The opening of the HWY108 mission statement: “We are a community of like-minded holistic wellness and yoga practitioners who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of complementary services and support to our clients.”  

I have developed a great respect for the power of words.  In developing our mission statement I knew that setting the words onto paper would in and of itself have an influence over how HWY108 would evolve over time.  This first phrase sets the initial intention… “We” – inclusive, not exclusive, “are” – the present, not past or future, “a community” – sangha in Sanskrit, the group that supports our life practices. We are a community.

of like-minded” – Does “like attract like” or do “opposites attract?”  We know through physics that opposites attract – we’ve all played with magnets – the negative charge is attracted to the positive charge.  But the quality that must not be overlooked, is that the “opposites” are variations, gradients perhaps, of a similar quality.  Think for a moment of pairs of opposites: dry/wet (water will be absorbed by that which is dry – both refer to quantities of water), hot/cold (heat will move into spaces which are cold – both refer to temperatures, specifically the presence or absence of heat), light/dark (light moves through darkness – one is the presence of light and one the absence of it), etc.  Pairs of opposites exists in relation to a shared quality.  The relationships between hot and dark, dry and cold, wet and light don’t constitute opposites/nor create attraction because there is no common or like gradient factor.  So both are true: Opposites do attract and like attracts like.

So being “like-minded” allows for a wide variety of practices and beliefs…but the gradient factor or similar quality is that those offering services are engaged in “holistic wellness and yoga” as “practitioners” of varying degrees. Regarding the modalities to be offered within HWY108, we seek to attract not only teachers/practitioners with knowledge of the benefits of these mind/body/spirit modalities, but also those who live them…those who practice them…those who know through experience, bhoga in Sanskrit, that these practices/applications/methods work!  Practice is defined as “the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method as opposed to theories about such application or use.” (New Oxford American Dictionary.)  We know these healing modalities (whether it’s yoga, massage and reflexology, integral nutrition, or life coaching etc.) work because we’ve experienced them in our own bodies, minds and hearts.  And, these practices have made such a difference in our lives that we can’t wait to share them with others!…with YOU!

We are “dedicated to providing the highest quality of complimentary services” – There is a synergy that comes from combining these modalities, indeed they compliment each other.  While each is effective in its own right, 1+1 suddenly equals 3 when they are combined.  The effect is greater than the sum of the parts.  Imagine changing your diet through the support of a nutritionist.  Imagine that coupled with the verbal and emotional support of a life coach.  Now add to that the addition of a yoga practice.  Just imagine the result!  Would you have to engage in all three to benefit?  No, of course not.  But together, they accelerate the progress in ALL areas…the “autobahn” experience of HWY108.

We are here to provide “support to our clients.” We know that making changes in one’s life is challenging but we also understand that change is essential to growth and transformation, physically, mentally and spiritually.  You are not alone.  We are here to walk the road with you (or ride in your VW!), to assist you over pot holes, to lay down boards over oil slicks, to jump start your battery, or to get a John Deere tractor to pull you out of a muddy ditch if need be.  We’re also happy to cruise, check out the scenery, go 4-wheelin’, or dance in the street.  If you prefer to be ride solo, even from time to time, we understand that too.  We respect the personal boundaries of all…practitioners, teachers and clients.

There are 12 sentences in our mission statement.  (You’ve probably already figured out that we love sacred numbers.)  The mission statement will be listed on our website (eventually), and is currently available to view on the “about” section of our facebook page. (HWY 108: Holistic Wellness and Yoga).

We’d love to hear from you, and about you, whether you are a potential client that we can serve, or a practitioner wanting to park your wellness business. Feel free to email info@lubbockhwy108.com.  We look forward to seeing you on the road!