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Read what our friends and clients are saying about their experience at HWY108.

Loved this studio!
Starla K. 

Instructor was well prepared and clear with instructions. Great class.

Deborah M. 

Everyone was so welcoming! The instructions were always clear and you were always given a lesser option if the move was too advanced. I have already recommended 5+ people. It is definitely in my weekly routine now.

Luke A. 

Because it’s my happy place with the Very Best Teachers and Great classes!
Ingrid S.

After being away from yoga for 20 years I decided I wanted to go back. I was feeling very nervous and insecure when I went to the class and Claire greeted me and made me feel welcome immediately. While I could not do all of the stretches I didn’t feel judged or insecure about it, I just modified to what worked for me. I am 100% going back.
Brenda H.

I always come away feeling better than when I went in.
Carla M. 

Excellent and safe instruction that teaches me how to take care of myself.
Janis E.

Selina is great! Attend her class and be refreshed
Collin S.

Beautiful Studio. Excellent Teachers. Great variety of classes offered.
Cat T.

love the teacher, love the atmosphere,
Steffi B. 

Love the classes and instructors. Very nice experience every time.
Karla W.

Very positive environment. I had a great experience!
Micah W.

Class is always well taught with details which helps me build my practice in a different way even after my injury I learn something new each time I am thankful to all 🙏
Nila P.

I workout with the instructor and was interested in trying out the yoga class. Had an excellent experience. Was make to feel comfortable and well mentored throughout the practice. Claire is an exceptionally gifted at translating each movement seamlessly. I also really appreciated the explanation.
Jodi H.

Love Rochelle! People were very friendly in the workshop. Place was clean and welcoming.
Kathy S.

Yoga Shala is probably the only studio in Lubbock that is traditional in feel. Most are drive by fitness oriented with a yoga format for their classes. I love Rachel and learn so much from her everytime I attend a class or workshop.
Linda M.

Experienced yoga instructor. Relaxing yet challenging yoga flow! Definite do over….
David C.

Best teachers and best ambience in town.
Janis E.

It was just a lovely safe and accepting experience. I’ve only done private yoga over three years. I thought I was “ruined” for a class. I am not. I just needed to find the best yoga community for me. I have.
Sharon R.

I always feel better when I leave than when I came in.
Carla M.

Great teachers & environment 🙏✌️❤️
Ginger H.

Wonderful, welcoming experience
Mady D.

The teachers at Yoga Shala are always warm and welcoming and offer new perspectives
Betsy B.

I love the environment and Selina.
Rhonda D.

Every class at Yoga Shala is a great experience. All the instructors are knowledgeable and care about my needs. My day is better when I start with a yoga class.
Karla W.

All fine teachers, and a beautiful space!!!
Ginger H.

Excellent teacher & atmosphere
Lorri C.

Yoga Shala is one of my favorite places to go! A great yoga class helps me keep my perspective and is a great way to relieve stress while also improving my health.
Amy B.

Selina is a sweet spirit and has such passion for sharing the magic of Yoga.
Matt V.

I always enjoy the atmosphere, classes and instructors at Highway 108.
Carla L.

Jenn Borland is an outstanding teacher – my favorite. We need more of her!!
Jessica L.

Really like the instructors
Staci A.

I always feel so much better after leaving a yoga class and always learn something new.
Carla M. 

Love the environment, teachers, and all yogis that come to practice..
Nila P.

Always always learn something new!
Gail M.

Summer soulstice was my first experience at Yoga Shala and it was amazing. Thank you!
Crystal B. 

Never fail to learn “a little pearl of yoga wisdom” with every class. Always leave satisfied, fulfilled, at peace.
Gail M. 

As always outstanding instruction & uplifting time
Ginger H. 

Personal attention and expert instructors and smaller classes. Every class is exactly what I need.
Karla W.

Being new to yoga you couldn’t have gotten a better instructor for beginners than Selina Vaughn. She is awesome and explains as she goes. I love the settings and personnel at HWY 108. I would give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏻to HWY 108!!!
Denise S. 

The teachers at Yoga Shala are creative, dedicated and gifted at providing wonderful yoga classes for students with different levels of experience and flexibility. Thanks❤️
Betsy B. 

Best yoga place ever! Will be back for sure!
Megan S. 

Best yoga class I have taken – great mind, body & spiritual experience.
Connie C. 

Thankful I went today & every chance I can! 🙏❤️✌️
Ginger H.

The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful for new students. They are able to offer modifications for your practice.
Rhonda D.

Wonderful teachers and a warm, welcoming community❤️
Betsy B. 

The teachers at the Yoga Shala are wonderful and bring years of training to each class, and in a variety of yoga traditions. The space is so calming and peaceful that settling onto one’s mat after a hectic day is effortless. There is a great sense of community there too, so many friendly yogis and yoginis.
Janis E.

Best Yoga Shala in Lubbock
Noah P. 

Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and the instructors are great
Jed L.

Being able to go to the Yoga Shala is such a gift. It is awesome that we have such an amazing space with incredible teachers right here in Lubbock!
Sam H. 

I am very grateful for Yoga Shala. The teachers are well trained and give wonderful cues to enhance the practice experience for students at all levels. A wide variety of classes and styles allows students to learn new things. The space is lovely and everyone is welcoming. Yoga Shala is one of my favorite happy places!
Amy B. 

Great place to practice! Teachers help you personalize your practice. All of the classes are accessible for beginners or experienced practitioners. Highly recommend!
Claire H. 

Practicing at Yoga Shala is always a supportive, encouraging, and fun experience. So grateful to have this space in Lubbock!
Andi G.

Huijung is an excellent yoga instructor who challenges students in a supportive environment. Great class!
Yvonne C. 

I am new to yoga and have started the 9 week beginners class. I love it! Everyone here is awesome. Very nice studio. Highly recommend.
Kecia W.

My experiences with the classes at Yoga Shala have been nothing but positive. Each teacher has enriched my life with a different aspect of yoga, from the deeply contemplative to the joyously physical. As a physical therapist, I have found that these beautiful lessons have helped me grow as a healthcare practitioner and have expanded what I am able to teach and share with my own patients. The yoga community itself is warm and welcoming and there is a sense of home to be found within these walls.
Patricia Jo K.

My sister and I were both first time yoga class goers and we felt very at ease the whole time. Rachelle’s class was fun, relaxing, and inspiring all in one happy package! We plan to attend again!
Shayla T.

Fine teachers, beautiful space,welcoming community! Helping all that wish to join in!
Ginger H.

I travel for work and try to find Yin or Restorative everywhere I go. The Yin yoga class with Wan at Yoga Shala Lubbock was EXACTLY what I was looking for,it truly is a special class. Wan is very insightful, the class is rejuvenating and the gongs and bells are played beautifully. I felt so relaxed, like I wasfloating after class. I wish I could bring her to every city with me!
Rachel H.

Selina is so full of good spirit ,energy and knowledge…….that it is like therapy to attend her classes!
Matt V.

When I walk through the doors at HWY 108 I enter into a place like no other in Lubbock. The classes and teachers are wonderful—they help my body, mind and spirit. I leave transformed, healthier and grateful. Namaste.
Chris S.

I enjoy the yoga shala for the knowledge of the instructors and variety of classes offered.
Rhonda D. 

The knowledge of the teachers, the beautiful and clean facility and the loving community of yoga that I find at Yoga Shala make it a place of wholeness and healing for my body and soul.
Susan B. 

Yoga Shala Lubbock has been one of the most inviting and informative yoga studios that I have been to! I feel that the instructors genuinely care about your overall yoga experience. Selina Vaughn couldn’t be a better instructor, try out one of her classes! You won’t be disappointed!
Sierra S.