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Holistic Options for People Everywhere (HOPE) is a 501 C 3 Educational Non-profit Charity.

HOPE was first founded in May 2007 as The HOPE Association by Elizabeth Sabet, Edward Wertz, and Kelsey Markham with the intent to create a safe space for people interested in living an authentic and holistic lifestyle to gather, develop conscious and healthy relationships, and learn from each other’s experiences.  HOPE achieved non-profit status in 2010.  Since it’s inception in 2007 HOPE has hosted four free city-wide holistic health expos, a radio show dedicated to educating Lubbock citizens about holistic health, over 73 consecutive monthly educational community building gatherings, and conducted many educational programs and  talks about holism in the fields of early childhood education, physical and spiritual health, and business.

As HOPE evolved, it became evident that the desire for integration of the mind, body, and spirit required support from many different disciplines. To meet the growing needs of a holistically evolving community HOPE has become a certified trainer of mental health care professionals in the State of Texas.  HOPE is also teaching holistic anger management at the Lubbock County Jail. Our new programs in the area of mental and spiritual support that will be rolled out in August 2013 are the result of many dedicated professional and lay volunteers.

Mission Statement

HOPE is a supportive community of people who value holistic living, conscious integration of mind, body and spirit, and celebrate inclusiveness, understanding and peace.

Vision Statement

Raising awareness in honoring our unique potential and our connections to each other and the earth.

Spiritual Emergence Support Network

HOPE is in the process of creating a support network for spiritual experiencers, their families and for the mental health and guidance professionals that assist them.  The goal of the SESN is to be a place of education, strength, friendship and healing for all who attend the various programs.  HOPE has always been committed to creating safe spaces for people to grow and evolve into their potential both in the world and spiritually.  HOPE has no religious affiliations or dogma and no religious requirements need be met to be a part of any HOPE SESN activity.   Services and programs are available to anyone of any spiritual tradition and to those with no religious or spiritual affiliation.

The first step in the process is to create ongoing training and support specifically designed for mental health care and guidance professionals on a local level.  HOPE has become a certified trainer and CEU provider for MHP’s in Texas and HOPE’s 1st Annual Symposium on the Therapeutic Issues of Spiritual Experiences will be held September 28th, 2013 in Lubbock, Texas.  Please see the Events page for more information and registration details.

A comprehensive pilot program of support groups begins in August, 2013 in Lubbock, Texas.  Monthly support groups will be held for Spiritual Experiencers, Empaths, and Women’s Spiritual Support, and also a support group specifically for Mental Health Care and Guidance Professionals that either have spiritual experiences themselves or work with those who do. Please see the information below for specific details of each support group.

As the program develops HOPE will offer these services in surrounding Texas and Eastern New Mexico area cities and create an Integrated Mental Health Institute and Clinic in the next few years. Plans to open The HOPE Counseling Service Center are being developed and expect to be open in October 2013.

MONTHLY SUPPORT GROUPS – Beginning on August 3, 2013

The following groups currently meet at Unity, 2112 Broadway, Lubbock Texas.  All groups meet from 10 to 11:30 on Saturday.  If you would like more information before participating, please contact Elizabeth Sabet at (806)928-7242.  The groups are free but a small donation is always appreciated.  For detailed information on each group click herehttp://hope-nonprofit.org/?page_id=39

Location: 2112 Broadway, Lubbock Texas
Time: 10 to 11:30 on Saturdays